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Praise for T. A. Peters' Loggerhead:

"A . . . rousing saga of a love that dared not yet speak its name." -Kirkus Reviews

". . . a believable and daring lesbian couple . . . I took almost as much pleasure in their company as they took in each others'."

-Fionna Guillaume, author of Flowers for the Ancients

Praise for T. A. Peters' One Little Word

". . . a fascinating tale set in nineteenth century Florida . . . This is a masterful piece of storytelling, related by an author with extraordinary depth and sensitivity . . . Mr. Peters has crafted a work of art. His characters come alive in every facet of their development . . ."

-Readers' Favorite

"This winning novel draws its power from the author's skillful prose, mastery of dialect, embrace of the rich diversity of 19th-century America, and the skill with which he weaves together the supernatural with deplorably mundane corruption and brutal exploitation. Peters's grim tale transcends the limitations of genre series and is sure to delight readers."

-The Booklife Prize in Fiction

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